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Order, Renewal and Payment Method

03/09/2014, 09h39
My Customer Account

Which payment method is allowed ?
Credit Card (Blue Card, Visa or MasterCard), Paypal or bank account, if you are based in SEPA zone, which concerns 33 Europe Countries.
Attention : Bank Account is not available for your first order.
To valid the first order, you have to use a Credit Card (Blue Card, Visa or MasterCard) or Paypal as mean of payment. In your control Panel, you can enter SEPA account information and state that this is a active payment method.

Am I forced to add a payment method to my customer account ?
Yes, as mentioned in our conditions of use, to have a valid and active customer account, a payment method is required.
This allow us to automatically renew your server's contract and services.

Can I add several payment methods to my customer account ?
You can, for example, pay new orders with the bank card which you have registered. Then choose, as active means of payment, the direct debit, so that the invoices of the automatic renewal of your services are honored without having to care about the expiration date of your card.

Can the same means of payment be associated with several customer accounts?
Yes, it is authorized. If there appears to be any abuse issues, you may be required to verify any account information.

My bank card is soon going to expire, what should I do?
When the expiration date of your bank card approaches, we send you an alert by e-mail. You are then invited to add a new payment method. In the absence of a valid payment method associated with your account, we cannot guarantee the renewal of your contract and there is a risk of having services expire and data lost. Be sure to keep a valid payment method on your account to prevent such risks.

New payment methods can be added by logging into your customer panel and updating payment method. It is also possible to delete payument method from your customer control panel.

May I delete all my means of payment?
No. So that your customer account is valid, your means of payment is an element so essential as your name or your e-mail address. You can delete a means of payment, but you cannot eliminate the active means of payment without replacing it by an other one.

I act for an administration. I do not arrange a bank card and I cannot set up of direct debit. What's to be done?
Make a demand on the forum in the commercial section. Our teams will get in touch with you.

Ordering a Service

What is the order validation process?
In our fight against fraud, there are several validation checks that must be completed prior to order validation. You may be contacted and requested to provide certain information before your order can be validated and processed. We reserve the right to request documents at anytime. Validation times can vary depending on what information is required and if customers provide complete information.

When I order a service, which is the minimal duration of the contract?
The minimal duration of a contract is a complete month (that is of the 1st day of the month in 0h00:00 until the last day in 23h59:59). If you order a server on the 5th of the month, for a duration of 1 month, and the server is delivered to you that day, the server is hired for the remainder of the month.

You have the possibility of opting for an automatic renewal period every 3, 6 or 12 months. In the case of a cycle of 3 months or more, the month in the which your order is delivered is included in the 3,6, or 12 months.

Upon delivery of your order, the first invoice will be reglated using your active means of payment method. The total amount, of the first invoice is calculated in proportion to the number which rest in the month.

What dates do you debit my active means of payment?
A first invoice is edited when your service is delivered. It is taken from your active means of payment in the days which follows. This amount is calculated in proportion to the number of days which remain in that month.
A second debit is made on first days of the month following the delivery of your service (the 2nd day of the month for a payment via bank card or PayPal; near 6 for the direct debit).
You are then debited, in advance, for the complete amount of the service for the cycle of invoicing chosen (1, 3, 6 or 12 months).

How is calculated the amount of my first invoice?
The first invoice is calculated in proportion to the number of days from the delivery of your service till the end of the month.
For example, in the case of an occurring delivery 15 of month counting 30 days, the amount of your invoice will amount to 50 % of the monthly price rate of your service.

You delivered my service 10 days after my order. When does the invoicing of this service begin?
The invoicing begins only as from the delivery of your service, not the date that the order was made. Your first invoice will be calculated in proportion to the number of days from the delivery of your services till the end of the month.

Cancel a service

When to ask for the termination of a service ?
You can ask for the termination of a service, within your customer space (Facturation > My contracts), up to the 19th day of the each month in the term of which your cycle of invoicing expires. (before 11 pm Paris time). Beyond this date, the termination is registered, but termination will not take effect until the following month. In other words, if the service is not terminated prior or the 19th of the month, the service will be automatically renewed.

In what date does the termination of my service come into effect?
By default, the termination is effective the last day of your cycle of invoicing

I asked for the termination of my service, but I wish to cancel this request. How can it be done?
Connect in your customer space (Facturation > My contracts) and follow the procedure of cancellation of your request of termination.

When do you delete the service when it is cancelled?
The service is deleted (and the entire data which they contain erased) within 24 hours according to the date in which the termination comes into effect.


I received an e-mail because of an incident of payment. What do I have to make?
Follow the procedure of regularization indicated in the e-mail, or connect in your customer space. It will be necessary you to settle by bank card or PayPal within 7 days as of reception of the e-mail warning. If not, your services will be suspended. Contact our support via the forum in the commercial section so that our teams can guide you.

What deadline is granted to me to settle an incident of payment?
You have to settle an unpaid invoice in 7 days as from the incident of payment. Know that for lack of payment in the term of these 7 days, we shall suspend your service and launch a procedure of recovery of funds against you. We also reserver the right to suspend all services under all departments for unpaid balance.