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Kimsufi dedicated resale
24/11/2014, 20h08
all have good sale both dedicated to Kimsufi given me the other not porqu and as to be answering paste months have in my manager and clean without operating systems are

1 dedicated

Core i5-3570S 4c / 4c 3.1 GHz 16 GB to 1 TB 100 Mbps
26 euros per month VAT included
CANADA location

2nd dedicated

Core i7-920 5003 4c / 8t + 2.66 GHz 16 GB 2 TB 100 Mbps / 128
31 euros per month VAT included
Location: France RBX

will not have access to manager but we're here to help 24 hours real via telephone, tiked, email, Spanish and English wassapt.

I do it first to recover my lost money because of Kimsufi
and secondly, if someone is looking machines and do not want and expect as I have here

foreigners can answer faster to email:

and Spanish to email tel etc on our website.