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Download and upload speeds are compromised ...

25/11/2014, 22h39
is unacceptable and unprofessional
Kimsufi are used (play) server at half price or less than market average. Sorry it doesn't come with concierge service. Look for a server with higher price tag, if you need extra services, like guaranteed speeds.

24/11/2014, 23h06
You offered server with bandwidth of up to 100mb up and 100mb dw, is unacceptable and unprofessional to say that the band is not guaranteed and that then I should be content to have 4mb in dw and 1 in up ??

I have another server kimsufi in several months, and has always worked well ... I hope it does not happen a thing on the other server.

Meanwhile, I proceed to the cancellation of the server that is not good and then we'll see ...

24/11/2014, 21h42

Please note that KS servers have NO "speed guaranty" (no SLA).

What often happens: if some neighbor-servers in your rack are also trying to get the max of the bandwidth, the switch that you and them share is maxed out ...

If issue like guaranteed bandwidth is important to you, have a look at SYS (or even OVH) servers.

24/11/2014, 20h44
Download and upload speeds are compromised...
I have carried out tests, but the speed of download and upload are limited to a few mb ...
My server: