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OVH Anti-DDOS Firewall implementation bug

25/11/2014, 23h15
@Kitty: Thanks,
I was naively hoping that the tech support forwards this email internally to the correct department...

@heise: I was directed here from the official OVH Support. I was told that this is a place for Kimsufi support.

25/11/2014, 23h13
There is no support here for Kimsufi, but if you have a server in Canada, you may get help here: https://forum.ovh.us/showthread.php/...ull=1#post4480

25/11/2014, 06h49
That might be worth reporting to the Anti-DDoS mailing list: ddos@ml.ovh.net

24/11/2014, 22h28
I am using the OVH API to control the Anti-DDOS Firewall function.
When some IP address DDOSes my server, I add it to the OVH Firewall for 1 hour.
It was working perfectly for some time, but now there are some problems.

Firewall has 20 slots for the "iptable-like" rules. Now it seems that around 15 slots are blocked (occupied) in my firewall, that means, I cannot delete or change them (neither in OVH Controll Panel nor through DELETE function of the Firewall API).

When I try to remove all IP from the Firewall with DELETE API Function, I get following message:
{"message":"The requested object (sequence = 0) is not unique"}
This concerns clearly not only sequence 0, but most of the slots/sequences.

I contacted Support and Kimsufi Support around 2 weeks ago, but still no help.

I would be grateful if OVH could solve it, or for example create some Firewall PURGE API function, to clear the firewall in one step.