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The order 33005937 is being processed.

27/11/2014, 15h36
Payment is monthly, starting from the first of the months. That is a change to how it was done in the past. Don't worry in the end, they will only charge you a partial months.

27/11/2014, 09h23
the server is now on but i dont get it i bought it yesterday and the next payment is 30/11/2014 ???

i bought the server for 1 month , so the next payment must be 30/12/2014 .

And it says We have not been able to take payment. Therefore, your account is 27 Nov 2014 09:08:02 13.32 EUR.

27/11/2014, 08h59
i have my account verified so i don't know ?

27/11/2014, 08h54
Im waiting now 14 hours .

I bought a new dedicated server and it said 120 seconds but i know that for 120 is not impossible but 14 hours ???

can someone from staff check it please i need it