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Is it okay to store street fight videos at the server?

29/11/2014, 16h56
Yes sreet fights are illegal in youtube, of course. So, I'd like to show it on my site. You know, its not very cruel, but I suppose it might be a problem

28/11/2014, 17h46
Let's ask another question, would they be illegal on youtube? France as many other countries have laws against violence, which I don't know. So I can't advice you, but if you would not be able to publish them on youtube, I can not recommend to publish them on kimsufi.

28/11/2014, 12h27
I have huge amount of street fight videos and I've decided to start website with such videos. I'd like to know if it ok to store such contents at the server. Will it violate some rules because of violence or something?