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Server restart in rescue mode only

29/11/2014, 09h28
Try mounting HDD partitions in rescue mode and analyse your installation. See unofficial FAQ for some hints.

29/11/2014, 04h44
I have a dedicated server. It was working all fine till this morning. I restarted it and it restarted itself in rescue mode. I received an email with rescue information. I ran all the test and it says "pass all". For the hard-drive, in rescue mode it shows

Name Disk State Size (% used) File System
sda1 sda1 Access test * 0 GB GPT

I don't know why it is so. I tried to restart the server again. I received an email that "Defect on server" and "Problem during hard reboot of". I am assuming this is some hardware issue. However, I didn't get any update and my server is still down.

What can I do?