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Charge back order 32876965.

13/12/2014, 02h10
I too have emailed them asking for a chargeback for the same reason. So far I've had no response via email and I've had to come here to request it. I may eventually have to contact OVH Directly via telephone to see if they can do anything about it for me.

12/12/2014, 14h07

Your order 32876965 has been cancelled by your credit card company as it took too long for the payment to be accepted, the payment has been transferred back to your account.

Just 2 days after charge back submit

09/12/2014, 00h06
I called . My payment is accepted and i can't get it back until kimsufi return it .

08/12/2014, 22h35
Call your bank. That's what I had to do. I don't remember support being this bad a few months ago. I wonder what happened

08/12/2014, 14h02
It's funny still waiting for any answer .
They didn't return my money .
It's a scam company . Nothing more .

03/12/2014, 21h36
I think that only one person work as support . No more .

03/12/2014, 16h16
No, just wait 2 months and they will eventually honor that.

02/12/2014, 23h23
waiting 10 + days for responde its ridiculous .
No one can't anwer my mail . No help on forum . Did i lost 40 euros ?

30/11/2014, 19h54
They are slow but will answer and honor your request if you contacted them over their website.

30/11/2014, 18h16
I made a order Number: 32876965.
My payment is still in status "We check your payment manually"
I want to cancle my order and get back my money.
I sent many email to you but still no anwer .