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Hacked and blocked

01/12/2014, 03h25
I guess that means no money back because of contract violation, see

Better get a "managed" server some other place. Unmanaged means you are the boss and that requires a strong linux background. You could also register a new account and get a new server, but since you don't know what was the error you did the first place, you are most likely to repeat it, hence you will get hacked again.

01/12/2014, 02h49
I think more than 3. But I have no idea how.. I'm not an expert on linux so I have no idea how to check for that stuff. here is the email I got.


Your server has been started in rescue mode so you
can recover your data.

You only have FTP access read-only with the following
login details:

after I got the email I reinstall the server and i still get the Red hacked message!!

01/12/2014, 02h43
How many times was your server hacked? Normally after 3 times they terminate your server, but see the email you received. It should say that you can reactivate with reinstalling or not.

Out of curiosity. How was your server hacked? Do you know?

01/12/2014, 01h16
Hi, I did all that. but after reinstall i sill get that message and the red status and now i cant go back to rescue mode

01/12/2014, 01h05
Hi, sorry for being hacker.

First, you are not the first one. Use search function.
Second, you should be in rescue ftp, which is a mode that permits you to backup your data via ftp or sftp. Contact me if you need more help. Once you did that you will need to reinstall the server and don't restore the same state or your server will be hacked again. Analyse why your server was hacked and remove the security hole.
Third, if you get hacked to often, they cancel your account and don't refund paid months of service.

01/12/2014, 00h30
Hi, my server has been hacked. I can't unblock it. the only option i have is to reinstall it but i would like to be able to boot in rescue mode but that option is not available. I get this message in the manager : Your server has been hacked. Please contact our support team for instructions on what to do next. and this in RED: Status Hacked and blocked . please fix this issue for me. Thank you.