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What is with the lack of support?

01/12/2014, 09h40
.... well because of their low prices ....

01/12/2014, 04h15
Thanks for the response. Good to hear that I have some recourse. I don't get why such a large company can't have better customer service

01/12/2014, 04h07
Dispute the charge seems to work around here. Many reported so. Otherwise, yes support is someone none-existing.

01/12/2014, 04h04
The lack of support with Kimsufi is really irritating. I renewed an expired server for 3 months and only received 1 month. My credit card was charged and everything. I immediately contacted support on 10/18 about this. They responded 5 days later and said that they have contacted the OVH technicians regarding this. I have since emailed several times to check the status of the billing issue but no response. It's been over 5 weeks now. Is this normal? I feel kind of robbed and wonder if I'll ever get the 2 months I paid for. Not sure what recourse I have. Maybe I should contact my bank to dispute the charge?