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please cancel/refund order & close account

01/12/2014, 09h47
Or see here

01/12/2014, 09h45
Contact Kimsufi over their website for refund.

Beware that service isn't what it used to be at SYS and even the exchange of a HDD can take up to 3 weeks!!!

01/12/2014, 05h48
Hi, I am evaluating different hosting options for my company as we prepare to officially launch our site and - hopefully - scale to meet demand. Yesterday I signed up for a new Kimsufi account and ordered two (2) dedicated machines in order #569911. Around the same time, I also signed up for some hardware from SYS to try their service.

The SYS machines I ordered were made available early this morning and I'm very happy with that service. Since Kimsufi and SYS require separate accounts with separate login credentials and Control Panels, I am going to stick with SYS. Kimsufi would not meet our needs in the long-run, and the machines I already ordered will not be necessary.

Order #569911 was made with an account I created with my personal information. I'd rather not post that info here in a public forum, so please let me know how I can demonstrate that I am indeed the account owner. Once the order is canceled, please issue a full refund since the servers were never released to me. I don't anticipate using the Kimsufi account in the future, so if that can be closed as well, that would be great.

Thanks for your help - now, on to SYS!