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server CANCEL

01/12/2014, 14h27
Sorry, you would need to ask them, but they answer like in a weeks to months time, if at all.

01/12/2014, 13h14
Hello Heise,

I do not have PayPal account
Is there any other way

01/12/2014, 12h30
This is unofficial: Connect a paypal account without money and without means of funding. Autorenewal will fail and they will create an order that you can pay as before, .e.g. a friend can pay it for you.

01/12/2014, 12h24
autorenewal but I do not want ,I would like to pay each time manually

01/12/2014, 12h17
I guess you have autorenewal on. You have to cancel before the 20th of the months in control panel.

01/12/2014, 11h55
Hello, end of the month I gave invoice cancellation and revocation server was not even occurredha not canceled and the bill has occurred

Expiry date
30/11/2014 RenewDatacentre
BHS1 - Rack: T01C07 - Server ID: 223596OS
VMware ESXi 5.0 Update 1 (64bits)
Boot from hard drive (no netboot)
Main IP :
Reverse :

please cancel this server bill