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Urgent cancellation of dedicated and VAT discount once
01/12/2014, 17h00
good morning me to come an invoice that I say one or two weeks in which I must deduct the VAT charged me an VAT in hiring, aveis sent me a message that was out VAT in my invoices and not so as you can see on the invoice that I add. also advise on the day of the hiring of dedicated

that was canceled and the return was resolved or not I will spend more invoices with VAT, put post in the forum and not an been answered, we will not pay the bill dedicated and if not we deduct VAT.

We can not be charged VAT no longer know how to contact Kimsufi, let pass the days you still charge VAT invoices and keep spending my money on something that does not use dedicated in canada. I want to cancel and the dedicated said above, what and made entirely by the amnager and still no month to month, this can not go on like this,