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When will my server be available ?

06/12/2014, 19h37
just do a charge back!

04/12/2014, 19h40
and I cant even get a refund because they wont answer me!
If you want a refund and server is not yet delivered, just write on contact form on and ask for refund with name, order number, etc. all necessary details. It will take weeks to get your refund or an answer, but you should get your money back. If in the mean time the server should be delivered, just ignore it. If you install an OS, you will not get a refund anymore.

04/12/2014, 18h55
they all way say that they are fast on taking you money but real slow to give you the server

04/12/2014, 17h37
Where is my server ive been waiting 5 days and I cant even get a refund because they wont answer me!

04/12/2014, 17h33
hey were is my server it say 120 seconds and it been 3 days

03/12/2014, 16h34
were is my server i paid and no server

02/12/2014, 19h56
yeah they are so irresponsible whit orders like all ways they not change a bit

02/12/2014, 19h47
I have the same Problem i wahit 2 Days and all e-mails to KISMUFI or OVH is dont work oO i have buy the server and nothic work

02/12/2014, 18h49
bro you not even a admin a have account here i just reactivate my account

02/12/2014, 12h01
if this order the first one you made it here

you will need to validate your account first

02/12/2014, 03h54
i just got buy a server 1 hour ago that say it will be ready in 120 seconds now were is my server= this is my info:

Votre commande 33317181 a bien été enregistrée.
Nos équipes procéderont à sa validation dans les plus brefs délais.

Rappel de votre commande :

- Serveur Kimsufi - 16G i5 1x1 To - 1 mois

Nous vous avertirons dans un prochain e-mail de la livraison de votre commande et de la
mise à disposition de votre facture. Le montant de celle-ci sera prélevé sur le moyen de
paiement actif associé à votre compte client.

L'équipe Kimsufi

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