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New server suspended the next day

02/12/2014, 09h25
Hello what happened to my server?
I paid on 30th November for a new server (with setup fee ) and my server suspended the next day.
My site is down and i got this message:


Dear Customer,

Your server ns504548.ip-198-100-148.net is currently hosted at OVH.

Our system has detected that your server has expired in spite of
the reminders that we have sent you.
Your server will thus be suspended within the next few minutes.
But i paid with Paypal when i made the order and i got a message that i authorized the payment.

Hello ****,

You authorized a payment of 29.98 EUR to OVH (paypal@ovh.net)
Your funds will be transferred when the merchant processes your payment. Any money in your PayPal account at that time will be used before any other payment source.

Thanks for using PayPal. To see the full transaction details, log in to your PayPal account.

+33 820320363 Instructions to merchant
You haven't entered any instructions.

Order 33062623
29.98 EUR 1 29.98 EUR
Subtotal 29.98 EUR
Total 29.98 EUR
Payment 29.98 EUR
Payment sent to paypal@ovh.net
I really don't like a start like this and feel disapointed. Is there anyone to fix this?