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Liars, bad support, poor technique and more attention Kimsufi

04/12/2014, 04h59
If you send the proof to their email address, they will eventually reply you in ~20 days. And all the VAT you have paid to them will be refunded.

All tickets have an average waiting time of 15-20 days, and if you can't bear this you can find a provider with faster responses.
02/12/2014, 12h28
This is shameful and sent more than 100 tiked to Kimsufi by contact form available, email, tiked, forum for me deducted VAT once and for all, also the canelacion a dedicated delivered in canada, I do not use and do not I want to keep paying, and I keep coming invoices and VAT, schedule

Support commercial: Mon. - See. 9h à 18h
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Vous avez une question à propos of caractéristiques ses, options incluses ou des associés des services?
We conseillers vous e-mail répondent du lundi au vendredi from 9am to 18pm.

where is this support? the crisis there and pay him a salary these technicians? so goes the world, full of cheeky, estrobagantes bullies, who only want to collect money and no work, this should be reported to justice, I should not charge VAT and sent hundreds of times do