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unable to switch to root after suspension

02/12/2014, 15h45
awesome, i didnt knew about the rescue mode. all fixed.

thank you!

02/12/2014, 15h13

No one will check your server. The KS concept is : You, only you, never ever some else, you again - will take care of YOUR server.

Check this: is your server in rescue mode (did you receive a mail about this ?)
Reboot again your server - or reboot in rescue mode - you should receive a mail.

02/12/2014, 14h07

my dedicated server was suspendend cause i forgot to renew it before the last of the month.
I payed now and it was reactivated, but I can't login as root (also with su). I didn't change the password ofc..
I'll give to an operator (privately) all the informations about the server and contract.

Thanks for the support