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Canaries are Spain european union Kimsufi out VAT

03/12/2014, 11h30
lol sorry I put it here and answer the email Kimsufi aver if indignant, answered anyway qu send email after the day on May 12 after more than four months

03/12/2014, 00h29
But not here: either answer their email or over their website. After all you are one of the lucky once who got an answer.

02/12/2014, 23h09
bonne m'a envoyé un où ils disent canari est hors de l'Union européenne et ne peut pas déduire la TVA qui ne est pas la grâce? Canaries Espagne, appartient à l'Espagne et appartient à l'Union européenne, nous sommes donc sur IVa

Ils ont besoin d'en savoir plus avant que les clients répondant, la folie me perception des taxes sur toutes mes factures et aucune folie dans le droit de faire cela, je veux que mon remboursement des factures de TVA reçu et je déduire la TVA


ma carte d'identité est: rj134907-ks

qeu moi et je veux retourner le DINR des dédié

depuis, et je ai prévenu le jour même de l'embauche est dédiée elle savait ce faible dédié.

02/12/2014, 20h03
You need to send them this in french: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Territo...C3.A9sum.C3.A9

02/12/2014, 18h29
the issue of VAT, I am a resident in the Canary Islands Canary Islands we are out of VAT, and me to become VAT on all invoices via paypal and via bank, I am a customer of OVH and Kimsufi with old Kimsufi and never me to become VAT, am resident in the Canary Islands belong to Spain but estamso in the same rule, ceuta, Melilla and Canary are out of VAT, are not entitled to charge VAT.

and I sent all my coumentos need to OVH and tells me the following

since when charged VAT canary? from never, Canary is a Spanish country even if not in Spain belong to Spain think Kimsufi does not know what the Canary Islands, I say we're out of europe junction, when we belong to Spain and use Euros as the european union. are Spanish Canaries, Ceuta, Melilla and Canary are out of VAT, and I answered that the Kimsufi support after more than 8 to charge VAT invoices and 3 are erroneous.

3 cities of Spain are out of VAT, Ceuta and Melilla Canary as you can see here


or here

Email Kimsufii

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for me
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I verified your file and it's not possible to exempt you of the VAT Knowing that you 'are resident in the European Union.

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