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intervention Question

03/12/2014, 15h33
Guess im facing a clean install, this is going to demand some time

03/12/2014, 13h22
Server is unmanaged. If it is a software configuration either you know how to fix it or you have to pay external help.

03/12/2014, 10h58

There has been a problem on my server which does not allow me to log in using putty ( shell program ) I rebooted in rescue mode. With this I was able to log in and tought It fixed the issue, however the issue still remained when I put the boot on the HDD again. my experience with linux servers isnt that great, I managed to setup a website and 2 servers but thats about it. Yet I recieved a email with the following line:

Software configuration to be corrected by customer

While I have absolutely no clue about what and where the issue happend, let alone to fix it. So, how am I supposed to 'fix' this?