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HD failure and Unable to create/receive ssh credidentals thru email or ssh keys

07/12/2014, 13h52
Now I can get emails, but ssh keys still not working. Even though there is no ssh key stored in my account, email says use your ssh keys instead of giving root password.

- user : root
- méthode d'authentification : clé SSH (clé par défaut dans votre manager)
The only thing I need is a root pass of rescue mode. Any idea?

05/12/2014, 15h30

05/12/2014, 14h47
It is more than 60 hours and no email, no recovery, no support. unbelievable

04/12/2014, 20h00
I am familiar to ssh keys. Everything done as explained there. But, at the end, public key is not loaded to server and shows a different fingerprint. And no email as well.
Actually, I am not expecting a great support. But at least want to see something is functioning in the panel.

04/12/2014, 19h51
See signature on how to install ssh keys. Change backup email. If that does not help, contact support, but that can take weeks.

04/12/2014, 16h36
Service identifier:

04/12/2014, 16h33

For 24 hours I am in trouble. Why I can not receive the ssh login details of rescue mode? Why Is it so difficult to get an email?

I tried to install ssh keys through panel, but no way. A different footprint is shown on the login screen and server doesnt accept my key.

As a result, I can not access to the login details of rescue mode.

What should I do?