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Paid but not authorized

06/12/2014, 20h34
bunch of faggots !!
they took 23€ * 6 from me , each payment was marked as "verify your account" , sent them passport scans . no response , no money and no server

06/12/2014, 10h55
That's Unbelievable. Kimsufi send emails and say my server isn't paid. But Kimsufi autorize not my Payment via Paypal. If Kimsufi delete my server, I'm pissed.


05/12/2014, 16h30
Be prepared if it takes weeks.

05/12/2014, 16h17
Hello, i've Paid my Server via PayPal but Kimsufi authorized not the Payment.

The Order Number is: 33253960 i've send the Documents via Email and Contact form.

Please Authorize the Payment as fast as Possible