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Issue with IP/NAT Loopback?

05/12/2014, 19h35
Basically running Proxmox with a VM running Windows Server 2012.

The VM runs fine, everything connects fine, I can connect to the VM using the external IP (mysql, web server, game servers, ftp server, etc)

Now a while back I had the same setup on a different server (exactly the same, proxmox with a WS VM, only difference being an older version of Proxmox VE) and it had no issue using it's external IP to connect to itself. However this time it doesn't seem to like it.

On the VM or within Proxmox if I use localhost/ or (internal ip) it'll connect without a problem but if I use the external IP it just times out and fails to load anything (mysql, web server, ftp etc). However, if I ping the external IP or tracert it, it'll work fine (0% packet loss, avg response 0ms).

So it seems as if the new server doesn't support NAT loopback and the old one did? or am I wrong?

Anything I can do regarding it as it's a pretty big setback with what I need.