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Kimsufi/OVH credit note I'm not able to pay

09/12/2014, 10h17
Hi there, I'm a KS customer that started with OVH control panel, and still now I'm in a tricky situation:
- my login to KS fails, unknown user
- I've to login to to manage my KS server, too
- OVH support writes me, but then refuses any contact because I'm a KS customer.

Now in the OVH panel section "My OVH Account" I've a Balance of "-0.85", and I can't figure out where they come from and -more important- how to pay it.
There is a filed payment method (paypal) which works fine.
I tried to credit my account but I was answered that I cannot go over the ceiling for my country, regardless of the amount (also for 1).

Could you kindly assist me?
Thanks in advance,
Marco Balestra