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Server doesn't respond to ssh/http but does respond to ping

12/12/2014, 23h42
I've looked at my logs. httpd/sshd haven't gone down, none of the logs indicate there is a problem.

I did a fsck scan, the results don't indicate a problem.

10/12/2014, 10h19
So, put your server in rescue mode.
Mount partitions.
Inspect your recent log files and look for reasons why server tasks like apache2 (nfinx ? httpd ?), sshd etc die.
Could be the OS oomkiller - file system corrupt, what ever.

PS: Debian : typically, after mount your partitions, your server logs are here /mnt/var/log/
Btw: while you are in rescue monde, test the physical state of you drive. Do a fsck scan - the usual basic maintenance tasks ....

10/12/2014, 02h42
So, I have a debian server, and I've noticed that at random times it will stop responding to ssh/http/etc, but it will still reply to a ping.

Does anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it?