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Activate server?

11/12/2014, 21h44
your system tells me that I speed that is has expired
I sent all the data
using html, css, text, binary has expired years ago and nothing

the only one who answers me is the robot when it cannot read my message
by that I tried to send you encrypted.

kimsufi seems forgotten, little interest ovh,

Octave Klaba maybe created it to kill its competitors
online, hetzner, serveryou

I am only here by the server in canada, that I am of Peru america
It is the only reason why I'm still waiting for years and no activation


11/12/2014, 13h34

my server is expired about 2 days ago and today i renew it,

but server is not active its still suspedned?
Can anyone tell me what is happening here?
Please unsuspend my server i paid for it
Server name:

I send support email but still no response...