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12/12/2014, 10h36
Both topics were posted at the ime time.I did it because i didnt know where actually to post it,and because my email wasnt answered.By the time you ansered the first one this was already posted.

12/12/2014, 01h26
What, you want the same answer twice ?
Why ?
One message : do not cross post - that's is a big no-no.
For answers, go here:

12/12/2014, 00h42
Hello Kimufi support,i have few questions .I think about migrating from VPS to a Kimsufi.The questions are.
1.In case of a HDD failure,is my data mirrored and will it be put to the new one when it is installed?
2.Is there a montly trafic limit of 10 000 GB like on the VPS?
3.Am I allowed to set whatever size of SWAP memory I want?