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Order #33524415

17/12/2014, 21h44
I am posting here in the hopes that an OVH/Kimsufi support member will see this and hurry the process along a little bit, However I guess it's little help. I have waited 2 weeks, My service has now been activated however I have no use for it. What a waste of 20.

13/12/2014, 12h30
You know you are posting to a public forum, that is not monitored by kimsufi staff. you have to contact them over their website and wait patiently weeks.

13/12/2014, 01h09
I've been waiting for my order to process for a while now.
I was asked to email some documents in which I was unable to do at the time therefore I asked my service be canceled and my money refunded to me bearing in mind the service had not been delivered to me at this point.

Today I took a look at my order to see that it's further along in the order process.
If you could, I would like you to refund my order and cancel it before It's activated.
This is the 3rd time I've had to ask for this to be done so please acknowledge it this time.