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Old Kimsufi expired, but still running!

15/12/2014, 15h49
This is a slightly unusual issue.

Long story short, when Kimsufi introduced monthly automatic payments, it screwed up on my old server and never took a payment. I tried contacting OVH to manually make a payment but got no response, therefore I bought a new server. This was 2 months ago.

However, my old server is STILL running. It is showing as expired in my kimsufi control panel, so I can't shut it down. My SSH key / password don't appear to work on the server any more, but the reverse IP is still what I had set it to, and for some unknown reason, it is running HTTP GET requests on my new server every 30 seconds (I would imagine that's something to do with the way I configured the old server; maybe nagios or something).

The old server is If you need to verify that I am the owner, please either PM me or email me using the address tied to this forum account. I would like this server shut down for good and removed from my Kimsufi control panel.