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2 servers suspended big problem - billing issue!

18/12/2014, 20h02
You will need to wait or change provider.

17/12/2014, 22h00
I put two tickets in the other day and still no answer. I ended up having to pay an extra 50 dollars just to get them back on cause I can't afford the downtime...someone from kimsufi/ovh please help

16/12/2014, 14h13
I also get same problem
I have 2 servers with Kimsufi. They were auto renew.
Last charge on Nov 1st 2014, Meaning my server will be expired on 31/12/2014
Last, not any problem but since I credit card balance = $0 it got problem

Some days ago I logged in and see Expired date: 31/12/2014
Today login I see they are suspended and link to renew.
I clicked on link and made payment with Paypal for 2 servers but only 1 server was un-suspended but Expired date: 31/12/2014. I think it must be 31/01/2015
One server is still suspended

The customers on our sites complain more about downtime and they are angry with us.

I send many email to support but still not solved

15/12/2014, 18h04
I understand what you are saying but the invoice they sent me on the first is for servers that I don't even have....It had 4 servers on the invoice and was for 44.54. Even with all 3 of my servers they don't cost that much. Where do you put a ticket in at?

And I know what message you are talking about in red but this is different. they actually shut 2 of my servers down.

15/12/2014, 18h00

.... and things will get worse.
As you might have seen (on this forum the KS news letter - Twitter - etc), it isn't the client anymore who decides when KS gets paid.
An automatic bank transfer system has been put in place. Visit you Manager and you'll will find it, you just can't miss it - in my Manager (a SYS server) it's still flashing red, even when I filled in my back account info months ago - signed the authorization paper, and send it over to 'KS' by snail mail to confirm my account.
As I know of, KS isn't using credit card info for the last couple of months anymore. The credit card is only used ones, when you buy it.

So, do what is needed in your Manager.
Contact them by the ticket support system - and mention all the facts.
Keep in mind the "5 days delay" is down counting right now .... after 5 days things could get nastier.

15/12/2014, 16h47
December 1st. I got an email with an invoice for 4 servers. The invoice was 44.54. I don't even have 4 servers and now today two of my servers are suspended because its saying I owe 44.54. One of the servers that is suspended is paid up to 03/03/2015 and the other one is 31/12/2014. The servers don't even require a payment yet. Something is wrong and I am being double billed for these two services that are suspended.

I put in two tickets on support site and posted here on forum. Not sure how to get this fixed or who to contact. This is becoming a problem with the downtime of these servers.