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A vanished, but running virtual machine

16/12/2014, 00h18


Here is the information on the virtual Mac:

IP address
Virtual MAC 02:00:00:8a:a2:b6
Type ovh
Name of virtual machine kris

Does no longer appear on my list of Virtual Machines, in fact I can find not trace of it when I do a ps -ef | grep kvm

But, if you ping it replies. It also refuses to be installed as new virtual machine, stating that the MAC address is already in use.... Which, if the IPv4 is responding to pings on, is not an unreasonable assumption. But, where is it running? Because it is not running from ks389199 As I can find no trace of it, except to confirm GB 02:00:00:8a:a2:b6 Automatic

Any ideas as to where it has run away to, as I do need it back to complete the suite for new linux trainees?