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Server Suspension - Billing issues

16/12/2014, 14h10
I have 2 servers with Kimsufi. They were auto renew.
Last charge on Nov 1st 2014, Meaning my server will be expired on 31/12/2014
Last, not any problem but since my credit card balance = $0, it got problem

Some days ago I logged in and see Expired date: 31/12/2014
Today login I see they are suspended and link to renew.
I clicked on that link to make payment with Paypal for 2 servers but only 1 server was un-suspended but Expired date: 31/12/2014. I think it must be 31/01/2015
One server is still suspended.

The customers on our sites complain more about downtime and they are angry with us.

I sent many email to support but still not solved