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**need urgent ddos help**

17/12/2014, 00h47
I have been getting DDoS'ed quite a bit, and it has escalated to the point where players on my gameserver can barely play. I really need urgent help with this and was wondering if I could either get a new machine (I have the KS-4) or if I can get a new IP address which would be preferrable. Basically, every hour or two the server starts lagging a lot, then goes down 10 minutes later and I get this e-mail:

Dear Customer,

We have just detected an attack on IP address

In order to protect your infrastructure, we vacuumed up your traffic onto our
mitigation infrastructure.

The entire attack will thus be filtered by our infrastructure, and only
legitimate traffic will reach your servers.

At the end of the attack, your infrastructure will be immediately withdrawn from
the mitigation.

For more information on the OVH mitigation infrastructure:

Then I get another e-mail saying that it has ended the attack. I really need this to stop and the DDoSer has not contacted me and I have no idea as to who is doing it, so I suspect it may be a service that some person has gotten. Please help me Kimsufi staff. Thanks,