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**need urgent ddos help**

17/12/2014, 08h54
Now it's gotten to the point where half of my players can't connect to my gameserver
Their AntiDDoS isn't perfect. Think about upgrading your firewall and/or server (SYS Game when out of beta or OVH).

I either need a new machine
Just order new one.

or IP address so that the attacker can stop
No extra IP from Kimsufi.

or otherwise my server will be ruined.
Sorry to hear. Contact the police/abuse department of owner of IPs that are attacking you.

Read unofficial FAQ. At the end there is this link with some thoughts about DDoS.

17/12/2014, 01h39

A real DDOS would have smacked you server out of orbit all ready.
There is of course a DDOS protection system (the VAC) - it should be active right now (but: no IP to test, so figure this out yourself then).

KS isn't going to change your server because some ex-players or concurrents are dossing.
You, on the other hand, can always order another one, so thye find you again, re-doss, and so on.

There is only one rule that stands when being in a doss prone business. It the final male approach: those who have the biggest ones, will win.
This means: go for a heavy OVH server will multiple NIC's, dozens of IPFO, and you can switch away from doss attacks with the click on a button. You could even be the wicked one : with your huge Internet tubes, just strike back (but take care: this could destroy your contract ).

Oh, and by the way, I forgot to say the most important one: KS servers have a ddos protection which is quiet comparable with their price level because these series are meant to train, exploit, learn, and fool around with. Even non mission critical businesses could be done with it. Anyway, a low price means often means that other stuff is also on a low level. Like doss protection !?!
A commercial activity on a KS in a hostile type of business ? Many have tried. Even more have fallen, if I think about your clients.

Its like a car race. Welcome to the match ! (and please, do not show up with a dinky toy).

Btw: I'm a client as you. Support from KS, as indicated Kimsufi support is changing is elsewhere.
Keep in min that KS only gives hardware support.

17/12/2014, 01h21
I need this resolved ASAP. So, my server has been getting DDoS'ed constantly for the last week. Now it's gotten to the point where half of my players can't connect to my gameserver which I'm hosting, and those who can, "lag" very hard. I either need a new machine or IP address so that the attacker can stop, or otherwise my server will be ruined. This is taking away my donations which is very bad since I need to pay for the server. Thank you for taking your time to read this.