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How to get a KS-3?

30/12/2014, 17h54
I post here, exactly when stock is comming.

22/12/2014, 13h08
Its a pity that no Admin can read our Threads - but why?
How can we get support here, if no Admin here is present?!

Sry mate, the forum here should be for support & problem (if anyone has one).
Unfortunately it seems that the Admins here dont care about new users.

Is there no waitlist or something like that?

22/12/2014, 07h41
Another thing to know is:
Only KS-clients are reading you message.
None of us work for KS, so we know as much as you do: nearly nothing.
Except the ones who ordered a KS-3 and got delivered one recently. But hey, welcome do the club: so many have questions, nearly nobody actually communicate on a forum with answers these days (better check their FB page )

21/12/2014, 23h21
The server just randomly become available i find, it's basically just luck to be totally honest!

Not really what you wanted to here i know.

21/12/2014, 10h08
So many Views, and still no Answer. Nice Support!

19/12/2014, 13h22
Will it be possible in the near future to get a KS-3 Server in France?
I'm looking everyday for it, and when a KS-3 is avaible, they are only in US.

Hope to get an Answer.