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Extremely difficult way to rent a server

19/12/2014, 17h28
Hello to all tangled new customers,

It is a very confusing way to rent a kimsufi server.

I describe my way... :

For 4 weeks, I tried on the kimsufi website to rent a server.

Still after close of order a Error 500

Then, I was very happy, after many many try, it worked without the error 500 ...

Ok, great, I have filled out the order and paid the bill immediately with paypal.

Hours later a eMail from OVH was in my Inbox.
I was invited to a copy of my ID card to be sent to, at the end of the email, specified email address:

So i do it and still wait days...
No Answer, no Info, only a email in france, because I was told I have to use the contact form on the website-kimsufi.

I dont anderstand, why i must use the kontakt-form, i still send all required transmitted / paid ...

Ok, i still waiting, no reply.

Now, I send a message over the kontakt-form about my order, no reply

The statusin Paypal is always: Authorization ...

I am puzzled and confused as to what's going on?

Such comic confusing ways are new, previously one could understand and easy to rent a server.
What is this mess of new customers?
I cant understand ...

Well, after much searching, I have some email addresses of ovh found and have sent a message to all the email addresses...

One of the email addresses automatically replied:

I suspect this is part of the solution to the confusion ...

Validation, I try to guess, this email address is this address, where do I send the copy of my ID card ...

Ok, very very great, but can it be that a customer must investigate two days so that the documents come to the right address?
Is that the correct address?
By email the new customer gets no information what he has to perform accurately and which email address he must use.

And best of all, the new customer receives the confirmation of payment in the specified language, that's ok, the reference to the contact form on the website of kimsufi he gets in the French language and further information in the English language ...

Who is crazy, the customer or the supplier ??

And at the moment I'm still waiting on my server but I want to point people confused customers that there still are other good and cheap server provider, where renting a server is much faster and easier to understand ...

Hetzner AG, a german provider:


It seems likely that kimsufi not necessarily want to rent server, the first step for a business is that the customer has it easy.
This is not the case since the conversion from isgenug to ovh-france ..., sorry, but i must say it ...