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I Cant see desktop when i log in server

20/12/2014, 18h49
Do you really have Windows server 2012 installed? Then ask the guy that installed it for you what happened. If you are paying old OVH licence for it, ask support through their website. If you installed it through the Kimsufi manager, it is Windows hyper-v 2012 and that is not windows, but something like xen, vmware, promox, etc. It doesn't have a desktop. If you want to install windows, see signature or pay someone to install it for you.

20/12/2014, 13h39
Hello i cant see desktop to my server. I only see cmd .

I have windows server 2012 and i am trying to connect from my pc.

I put all the staff to remote desctop but it opens cmd to my server. What can i do to give me all the enviorment (fulldesktop) just like my windows pc.

Thank you.