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Password lost

30/12/2014, 09h13
See unofficial FAQ and try booting rescue mode with ssh keys.

30/12/2014, 02h42
I am in the boat and already submitted the support ticket about a week ago. Nothing has happened so far. The server has been sitting there for nothing. Maybe time to cancel and ask for refund?

Having such operation size but cannot automate some of the critical support tasks for user......

23/12/2014, 08h32

If you didn't received the mail, use this method
Resend mail isn't possible.

In the Manager, enter a second (spare) mail address, then contact support (not this forum !) and have primary and secondary mails swapped.

23/12/2014, 06h38
Hello good evening,

I have a problem just buy a server,
But I did not have my email account discharged by problems
A if I have no mail from my server password

I would like to know how to recover the password as they try for netboot
but would not use with ssh keys

Resend email?

Help please!

Hola buenas noches,

Tengo un problema acabo de comprar un servidor,
Pero no tenia mi cuenta de email dada de alta por problemas
A si que no tengo el correo de la contraseņa de mi servidor

me gustaria saber como recuperar la contraseņa ya que intente por netboot
pero no lo se usar con claves ssh

Ayuda porfavor!