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Setup fee - in progress (@

29/12/2014, 07h23
Sorry, guys.

Please check out first message over here : Forum: Dedicated Servers (KS) English " Kimsufi support is changing ".

KS support isn't reading this forum for some one looking for support.

29/12/2014, 06h49
I've the same problem, still in progress...
I ordered a KS-3

27/12/2014, 16h18
I have the same
Number: 33866412
Setup fee: In progress
Datacentre France: Completed

27/12/2014, 14h13
It's been almost two days now, still no active server. So much for 120 seconds.....

anyone out here that can help me out?

26/12/2014, 15h13
Waiting for my server to be activated. The order page says server is completed and for installation :

Setup fee : In progress
Datacentre France : Completed

order number : 33877249