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validate and merge accounts - how to transfer documents?

30/01/2015, 09h50
So, after four (4!) weeks, I got the following answer:

Dear Sir / Madam,

I apologise for the delay in response to your query.

Thank you for your email. I have found only one account matching your email
address and it corresponds the nichandle $handle.

Furthermore it is impossible to transfer kimsufi servers between different KS
accounts. Once the server is ordered for a specific account it is not possible
to change the Nichandle associated with the server.

Kind Regards,

Kimsufi Customer Support

26/12/2014, 16h33
I have two accounts on kimsufi. I would like to validate one and merge the other one into it.

I sent the scanned documents per e-mail, the response sent me to the new contact formular:

That one throws "An error occurred on registering your request" in every possible combination of filled fields. So, until now, the quality of support has been the same. No improvement yet.

Anyway, I would like to really validate my account, how do I contact kimsufi?