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Poor connection with Canadian and West Coast USA clients

29/12/2014, 01h21

We are running a Kimsufi KS-4 VPS at for Minecraft servers. The hardware has been great but recently we have found that our players from Canada and Washington state have really poor connection to the server. They have pings as high as 500ms and keep experiencing disconnections from our Minecraft servers. None of our other players (including me; I connect from the UK) have these problems.

This is strange because the VPS is in Montreal. It seems others have had similar issues that stem from poor ISP peerage in Canada. Is there anything Kimsufi or we (as VPS admins) can do to improve connection or routing for these players? I would like to try before blaming the players' ISP

For what it is worth, we've performed some speedtest-cli tests, but not sure how accurate the results are: