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No Password after reinstall

30/12/2014, 07h21
Well, using a lousy mail supplier is a old, known issue.

See this for a start:

I add to that that, when you supply a key into the Manager, you can chose to have it used when installing your OS.
As soon is your server is set up, you can access it by ssh using public/private key access.

For an even quicker start: just use the method above so you can enter into rescue mode. Use this mode to set your 'root' password, Then switch to normal boot, and restart (reboot) your server. You'll be in.

Then, have your mail in the Manager being swapped - contact support for this..

30/12/2014, 03h50
Anyone can offer some help!? I tried so many reinstall but I have never received any root password mail. The strange thing is that I do get email after requesting reboot. So, I don't think it is my email server rejecting any of ovf email.