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Install utorrent?

31/12/2014, 20h16
Thank you already regulated,utorrent now work

31/12/2014, 18h51
Well, you should know if you have Windows running. Since you don't know I believe you saw Windows Hyper-V in the OS selection and you installed it. That is not Windows. As the name suggests it is "Windows Hyper-V".

See signature on how to install Windows or pay someone to install it for you. Kimsufi does not officially support Windows.

31/12/2014, 15h56
heise thanks for your reply
I have no idea,have you time for the install on my server...I ask you please
I send you access from my sever

-------my Skype:tijara.zemlj

31/12/2014, 15h16
Do you have Windows running?

31/12/2014, 11h13
Cant install utorrent on my server Kimsufi - 4G N2800 1x1TB Server in Dedicated Servers (KS) please help,