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KS-1 in Canada

01/01/2015, 18h03
KS-1 are very, very difficult to get.

01/01/2015, 16h31
I am looking for a KS-1 in Canada since 29.12.2014. I have a SYS-Server in France, now I want expand my service to America. But since I look for it, these Servers only comes in France. On a Twitter-Bot I saw that the KS-1 was last in Stock (in Canada) on 28.12.2014, one day before I look for it.

As I look on the Canadian or US site of Kimsufi, I saw that the same Servers are available in Canada, wich are available on the German (or France) site. But the KS-1 of the American sites is different to the KS-1 of the european sites.

I allready wrote to the Support, no answer.
I called the OVH service of Germany, they told me that Kimsufi has no association with OVH Germany.

Does Anyone knows when the KS-1 will arrive for Europeans in Canada?
And why is the availability of the American sites different to the European sites? The most Servers are equal. (Exempt the KS-1)

Thank you.