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Ks-3 eu

02/01/2015, 13h13

look here :

Cordially, janus57

02/01/2015, 02h17
I see that your Server is free. But i am sure that when you look it is out of stock...

I am sorry. I use this, to get a notification to my mobile if a server go in stock:
Trust me, KS-3 in EU go in stock often.

I am looking for a KS-1 in Canada, this takes long time...

01/01/2015, 20h26
and there may be a possibility of suspicion at what time the server is available if you need to hit the hour ?

01/01/2015, 20h21
a week after I click refresh 4 hours a day and I can not stick even though I'm on the hours that appears empty slot are not even page shows

01/01/2015, 19h58
No, first come first serve.

01/01/2015, 19h06
This would be a great idea. I am looking since a few days for a special server, but it doesn't arrive.

But reservation is inpossible here

01/01/2015, 18h43
Hello, is it possible to book a slot for the free server?