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Auto-renew option did not work, server deleted?

02/01/2015, 13h24
Log into your account and I believe under bill you can select to pay. It will open a new windows and you can pay the old fashion way.

02/01/2015, 12h07

First things first : Kimsufi support is changing
So, post them a message using - they (KS employees) are nor reading this forum.

Servers are not deleted (meaning wiped and re rented to some one else) ONE day after a payment didn't came through.

02/01/2015, 11h08

Yesterday my server was switched off. When i logged into "Kimsufi Manager" i saw information that server is suspended. Problem is that i didn't get any invoice or link to pay for my server and "Auto renew" payment was set for 31/12/2014 but money were not taken from my bank account. Now when i'm logging into "Kimsufi Manager" my server is marked as deleted.

Can some admin help me with this problem? Server is down for second day...