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which Graphic card have kimsufi servers?

03/01/2015, 19h57
It is possible, that it is a "matrox G200EW" since that model is a server graphics card. But as already said. That information is pretty useless, since you cannot connect a monitor to your server. Servers with Core i3, i5 and some i7 use the build-in graphics of the CPU. You could use those to do computations for you, if you run under Windows.

03/01/2015, 18h14
It should be part of the chip set, I guess.
But why bother putting it 'on ' ? Its surely not a smart thing that can handle jobs for you. The VGA plug is only accessible for the tech guys in the data center.

03/01/2015, 17h58
Im trying to get which graphic card have my kimsufi server, but all i can get is a standard vga card. If i use a hardware check program i got a matrox card from 1995 ( matrox G200EW ). So i need to know which graphic card does it have in real, any help?