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KS-3 servers problem

05/01/2015, 01h49
Hi, this is Kimsufi, so for the price you get, you should be most grateful if you are not unlucky to wait weeks to get a HDD replaced. So no KVM option available, but you can boot to rescue mode, copy rescue system to RAM, update linux, install qemu and see boot process while server boots your OS in Qemu. See install Windows or Linux in signature for details. It's like vKVM.

04/01/2015, 23h56

Guys I have 5 identical KS-3 servers as they are not offered on the website with different configurations. Now I reinstalled a few of those without issues using Stock CentOS and these worked without any issues. Two of those however will reinstall using VNC setup but after the installation completes and the server gets rebooted those will no longer become accessible.

I have booted one of these into rescue and reviewed the available logs it seems none were written as the system is not booting at all. Is there IPMI KVM over IP or KVM access available to any of those so I can see what is actually happening. There is no other option as it seems to troubleshoot this issue.

If you can check the boot error and give me a screenshot or any other help that will be greatly appreciated. This same thing actually happens on the KS-5 machines as well. I have installed most of those as I got 15 but some still have this very same issue I explained above.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards