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Stuck order in progress

09/01/2015, 13h02
Thanks nowwhat, guess they didnt bother updating the page that sent me here

09/01/2015, 08h25
Not anymore.
See Forum Dedicated Servers (KS) English - first subject : Important : Kimsufi support is changing

09/01/2015, 02h05
Do any of the support team read these?

06/01/2015, 22h50
After logging in to the manager i see the following
You don't seem to have any servers, you can purchase one here.

If you encounter any errors, you can contact the support team via the forum.

You have orders in progress:

The order 31998714 is being processed.
Order 31998714 was paid in October 2014 then cancelled after 1 month, yet the manager says it is "in progress" and I am unable to create another order, it just takes me to "" repeatedly.

Could this be fixed so that I may place an order in future please?