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Kimsufi KS-4 GPU

08/01/2015, 21h59
Well if the game won't start, if it didn't find a VGA with certain directx features, than that could be a problem on KS-4. While it is correct, that I believe that KS-3 has stronger GPU than KS-4. In practice I don't have any idea how you could take advantage of 3d. I would guess, you dont have either enough cpu power to compress on the fly 3d or bandwidth to transport the data stream is insufficient.

08/01/2015, 09h22
I have i7-920. I don't need monitor lol. All I want is 3D support so I can run some softwares requiring such support and DirectX. And yes I have Windows 7 installed. How can I do it then? Does it mean that KS-4 can't do that and KS-3 can?

08/01/2015, 03h15
First there are different KS-4. If you have a core i-5 cpu, then the gpu is on the cpu. Sure you can use the gpu, but for what? you have no screen connected to take advantage of it. To use the cpu for computational purpuses, I believe you need to install windows first, since no tool exists to use it under linux. the KS-4 with intel i7-920 should have a standard server GPU which is completely useless to you since you can't connect a monitor to the server.

If you want to have a gui on your server, there are many remote desktop solutions available: vnc, rdp, spice, teamviewer, etc..

08/01/2015, 01h27

What should I do, and how should i remotely connect to my KS-4 server to use the GPU? I know Intel should have some integrated card but it doesn't work.