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02/03/2015, 07h25

J'ai installé SABNZBDPLUS sur mon serveur mais j'ai ce message qui apparait :

[Errno 111] Failed to connect: (110, 'timed out')
D'après le forum SABNZB, ça serait le firewall :

[Errno 111] Failed to connect: (110, 'timed out') -1" when clicking on Test Server

You can test your connection to your newsserver by clicking on Test Server (in Config -> Servers). If the popup says "[Errno 111] Failed to connect: (110, 'timed out')", SABnzbd cannot connect to the newserver you filled out. You should check two things: the correct name for the newsserver and the correct port (119 is the normal port).

If you're sure everything is filled out OK and you still get the error message, as a test you can fill out an additional newsserver. You can use or After filling out and Save Change, you can click on Test Server. If you get "[Errno 111] Failed to connect: (110, 'timed out')" for this extra server too, the problem is local: possibly a firewall is blocking outgoing connections. So check your firewall. Or temporarily disable / deinstall your firewall. Then check again with Test Server.

NB: after your own server is working, disable the extra setting, or you will see warnings in your log file of SABnzbd still trying to access this server for which you have no account
Y a t il un firewall installé sur nos kimsufi ? Si oui, comment faire pour accepter les ports ?

Merci pour vos réponses.